When selecting a lawn treatment service it is absolutely critical that the company provide year around weed control.  After all, for the vast majority of home owners out there a green, weed free lawn is all they desire.  When tackling the issue of weed control we view it as no different than personal health, it is much easier to be on the preventative side of lawn issues than the reactive.  This strategy will entail properly timing pre-emergent herbicide treatments ahead of weed seed germination.  

As we head into the Fall it is standard to think that the growing season is behind us and we’ll worry about our lawn woes in the Spring, however the Fall is the best time to actively work towards improving your lawn in the long run.  Our Fall lawn treatments contain cool season weed preventatives that will keep the properties we manage weed free all the way through April and May.  Looking at property lines during the cool months of treated customers vs. untreated neighbors really highlights the impact our lawn treatments have.  Additionally, customers that we do add in the Spring, who are covered with weeds, are always amazed at what the difference a year can make when properly timing pre-emergents.  Going from a lawn full of Annual Bluegrass, Lawn Burweed, Buttercup, Henbit, or Catchweed, to a weed free lawn one year later can impress even the most detail-oriented homeowners.  

When selecting a business to provide weed control a homeowner will want to ensure the best products are being used.  This will mean the lawn treatment business is using pre-emergent herbicides with the best residual.  No different than almost any other type of product available to the consumer, lawn treatment companies have a wide variety of options to choose from.  There are pre-emergent products on the market that will provide 1 month of control and others 1 year.  Do not be afraid to press a lawn treatment salesman on the residual of their control period, after all, this should be one of the most important factors in their program.  It is also important to note, after mentioning the quality of pre-emergents available for use, that it is very easy for a business to say that a pre-emergent was applied.  After considering this, homeowners should be hesitant to commit to the lowest quote given, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  Money is better spent on almost anything than a lawn treatment service using inferior products.

A common misconception around pre-emergent herbicides and weed control is that they prevent seeds from germinating.  In fact, most pre-emergent herbicides in the home lawn situation are going to work through the process of interfering with cell division.  Weed seeds will still germinate, however once the first root begins to extend the herbicide will be absorbed preventing cell division.  This will cause the plant to not be able to absorb the proper amount of water, nutrients, and sunlight which will result in the immature seedlings’ death.  Due to the topic of irrigation always being a point of emphasis with homeowners it is important to note that during the Fall and Winter minimizing irrigation is ideal.  Typically, after October 1st irrigation systems in North Texas can be shut off.  Plants require little water as they are not stressed from temperatures at this point in addition to the fact they are slowing their growth due to the change of season approaching a shorter day lengths.  It seems an annual occurrence that we will make our Fall lawn treatments and receive a call in January from one or two customers that they are struggling with weeds.  It always turns out that these customers have been, for whatever reason, running their irrigation 4 to 5 times per week throughout the Fall and early Winter.  This will cause the ground to be completely saturated which will allow the tiny roots of the weed seedlings to pull just enough water from the soil to survive.  The root systems on these weeds are so weak and shallow that they can nearly be raked up.  No different than the middle of the Summer, be aware of the weather and ask yourself how much water does my warm season grass need to be healthy.  If there is ever any hesitancy in your answer, feel free to give us a call, we like talking turf.  

If you’re aiming for a weed free lawn this coming Fall, Winter, and Spring look no further than Victory Turf.  We specialize in results driven lawn treatments for all types of yards in North Texas.  With an emphasis on properly timed preventative treatments and balanced fertilization we have a proven track record of achieving great results and retaining customers year after year!